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Foreign press roundup on the Israeli deadly raid on Jenin refugee camp

RAMALLAH, Friday, January 27, 2023 (WAFA) – The Israeli military deadly raid that resulted in the killing of nine Palestinians and wounding at least 20 others in Jenin refugee camp captured global attention among foreign newspapers news websites and blogs, which published news items about the raid with different titles and occasionally different commentary.

In a news item Israel kills at least nine Palestinians in Jenin camp massacre, the London-based New Arab news website reported: “Israeli forces committed a massacre in the Jenin refugee camp on Thursday morning, killing at least nine Palestinians including an elderly woman.”

It did not fail to mention that the massacre occurred in the occupied West Bank, which has been occupied by Israel in in violation of international law since the 1967 Arab-Israeli War.

It also published a feature story titled, "A mix of sorrow and anger": Palestinians in Jenin speak after Israel's massacre in addition to an opinion piece titled, The case for armed resistance.

Meanwhile, the Middle East Monitor (MEMO) posted a news article with the title, Israel Occupation Forces kill 9 Palestinians, wound 20 others in Jenin.

It also posted an opinion article titled, Palestinians narrate details of Israeli attacks on Jenin.

The Arab Weekly, a London-based independent English language publication, had a piece titled, Jenin incursion leads to mounting escalation between Palestinians, Israelis.

The UAE-based Gulf News newspaper posted an article titled, Death toll from Israel West Bank raid in Jenin rises to 9.

Moving to US newspapers, the New York Times (NY Times) posted an item titled, Death toll from Israel West Bank raid in Jenin rises to 9.

The Washington Post had a piece titled, 9 killed in Israeli raid, Palestinians say, in one of deadliest West Bank incidents in years.

It had another piece titled, After deadly Israeli raid in Jenin, fears of major escalation in West Bank.

The Los Angeles Times (LA Times) had a piece under the title Jerusalem, West Bank on edge after Israeli raid that killed 9 Palestinians.

The Arab American News website run a piece titled Jenin resists: Israeli raid at Palestinian refugee camp kills 10, injures dozens.

Moving to UK newspapers, the Guardian had a piece under the title, Israeli forces kill nine Palestinians during West Bank raid.

The Telegraph posted a piece titled, Israeli forces kill nine Palestinians including elderly woman.

The UK edition of the Independent had two pieces titled, Israeli raid in West Bank kills nine in deadliest violence for years and Fears of escalating Israeli-Palestinian violence after deadly West Bank raid.

Australia’s Sydney Morning Herlad had a piece titled Israeli troops kill 7 Palestinian gunmen, 2 civilians in Jenin clash, Palestinians say.

The Australian run a piece on the aftermaths of the raid titled, Palestinian Authority says it will end coordination with Israel.

Canada’s The Toronto Star republished an AP’s piece titled Israeli forces kill 2 Palestinians during new violence.

It also reported another AP’s piece titled Palestinians bury dead as risk of flare-up with Israel ebbs.

In Indonesia, the Jakarta Post reposted AFP’s piece titled, 10 Palestinians killed as Israel launches deadliest West Bank raid in years.

In an article titled Israeli troops kill 10 Palestinians in West Bank in deadliest day in years, New Zealand Media and Entertainment described the raid as “the deadliest single operation in the territory in two decades.”

“The raid in the Jenin refugee camp increases the risk of a major flare-up in Israeli-Palestinian fighting days, poses a test for Israel’s new hard-line government and casts a shadow on US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s expected trip to the region next week.”

In the meantime, the World Socialist Website run a piece titled Israeli military kill 10, wound 20 Palestinians in deadliest raid on Jenin in years.

As part of the article, it said that “Israel’s military, police and security agency, the Shin Bet, carried out a mass slaughter of Palestinians in the refugee camp in the West Bank city of Jenin Thursday, killing nine people, including an elderly woman.”

“The Netanyahu government can only proceed with its agenda of territorial expansionism, Jewish Supremacy and the mass repression of the Palestinians because Washington and the major European powers lend it tacit support. They all have the same to-do list: wars of conquest abroad and class war at home, backed up by ever increasing authoritarianism in defence of their own financial oligarchs,” it added.

TRT World had a piece titled, Deadliest Israeli raid in West Bank in 20 years kills 10 Palestinians.

The Electronic Intifada had a piece titled Israeli bloodbath in Jenin kills 9 Palestinians.

Finally, Activestills website posted a photo showing “the funeral of nine Palestinians, mostly civilians, killed by Israeli colonial forces in the Jenin Refugee Camp during an operation targeting the Jenin Bridge, a local armed resistance group.”

It stressed the fact that “The brigade's members are primarily Palestinian refugees expelled from their ethnically-cleansed towns in the Haifa district around the Palestinian Nakba of 1948. To this day, Israel denies refugees' right of return while subjecting those based in West Bank refugee camps to military rule.”


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