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Foreign Minister: Efforts are underway to secure release of Nasser Abu Hmaid's body

RAMALLAH, Tuesday, December 20, 2022 (WAFA) – Efforts are underway to secure the release of Nasser Abu Hmeid’s body from the Israeli occupation authorities, according to Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister Riyad al-Malki.

He said in a press statement that the Ministry was exerting ongoing efforts mobilize the widest possible international support to ensure that the occupation authorities release Abu Hmeid’s body for burial.

He called upon the United Nations and its specialized bodies along with the United States to put real pressure on the Israeli government to immediately release Abu Hmeid’s body while pointing that the Ministry would file a case with the International Criminal Court on Abu Hmeid’s issue.

The top Palestinian diplomat held the occupation authorities fully and directly responsible for the crime of deliberate medical negligence that caused Abu Hmeid to develop terminal cancer and eventually die, particularly that they rejected all appeals to release him.

Cancer-stricken prisoner, Abu Hmaid, 50, was declared dead this morning after battling cancer for several years.

The Prisoners’ Affairs Commission said that Abu Hmeid, who entered into a coma two days ago and was yesterday transferred from Ramle clinic prison, where he has been kept, to a hospital in Israel, has died due to years of medical negligence.

Abu Hmaid, a resident of Amari refugee camp in Ramallah who was serving multiple life terms for resisting the Israeli occupation, was diagnosed with lung cancer in August of last year.

Several attempts to get him released to get treatment outside the prison have failed.

His mother and brother were last night allowed to see him in hospital following intervention from the Red Cross.



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