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Israel detained more than 50,000 Palestinian minors since 1967 – Commission

RAMALLAH, Sunday, November 20, 2022 (WAFA) – Marking International Children’s Day, which coincides today, the PLO Detainees Affairs Commission said today that Israel detained more than 50,000 children since 1967.

The Commission pointed out that about 160 children are still imprisoned by the Israeli occupation authorities to date, of whom three girls are detained in the Israeli prison of Damon, namely Jannat Zaidat (16 years old), Nufoud Hammad (16), and Zamzam Al-Qawasmeh (17).

The Commission said the forms and conditions of arresting children are no different from those when adults are arrested by the Israeli occupation forces, and that the majority of children were arrested from their homes at night hours, while others were arrested from the streets or on their way to their schools or back home.

The Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) also said in a report yesterday that Israel detained more than 750 Palestinian children and minors since the start of this year, some of them were first shot and injured before they were detained.

The PPS said in its report that most of the children were subjected to all sorts of physical and psychological torture during their detention in violation of international agreements and conventions on the rights of children.



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