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30 Palestinian detainees remain on hunger strike for 8th day in protest of unfair detention

30 Palestinian detainees remain on hunger strike for 8th day in protest of unfair detention
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RAMALLAH, Sunday, October 2, 2022 (WAFA) – Thirty Palestinian administrative detainees in the Israeli occupation prisons remain on an open-ended hunger strike for the 8th day in protest of their unfair detention without charges or trial, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Affairs Commission.

The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS), a prisoner advocacy group, said that in the event that Israel executes more administrative detention orders, more prisoners will be expected to join the strike.

Two weeks ago, administrative detainees in Israeli prisons sent a message in which they asserted that confronting the administrative detention will continue and that the practices of the Israel Prison Services “are no longer governed by the security obsession as an actual driver of the occupation, but rather are acts of revenge due to their past.”

Israel has escalated its administrative detention policy against Palestinians as the number of administrative detainees currently exceeds 760, including minors, women and elderly. According to the Prisoners Affairs Commission, 80 percent of the administrative detainees are former prisoners who spent years in the prisons most were administrative detentions.

Israel’s widely condemned policy of administrative detention allows the detention of Palestinians without charge or trial for renewable intervals usually ranging between three and six months based on undisclosed evidence that even a detainee’s lawyer is barred from viewing.

Amnesty International, has described Israel's administrative detention policy as a “cruel, unjust practice which helps maintain Israel’s system of apartheid against Palestinians.”


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