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Israeli forces detain nine Palestinians in West Bank raids

Israeli forces detain nine Palestinians in West Bank raids

RAMALLAH, Thursday, September 08, 2022 (WAFA) – Israeli forces Thursday overnight detained nine Palestinians mostly from the northern occupied West Bank, according to local and security sources.

They said that Israeli forces rounded up six Palestinians, all members of the Gawadra family, including two men along with their wives, from the northern West Bank refugee camp of Jenin.

During the ensuing confrontations, the gun-toting soldiers opened fire towards local young men attempting to stop them. No injuries were reported though.

Still in the northern West Bank, a sizable military force, comprising over 50 military vehicles, barged its way into in the eastern neighborhood of Nablus city.

Snipers were deployed on the roofs of civilian buildings in the vicinity of Balata refugee camp and Jospeh’s Tomb as drones dropped tear-gas canisters and stun grenades at protestors there.

Palestinian Red Crescent medics confirmed that they treated four young men who were hit by rubber-coated steel bullets and another who sustained a burn injury in the hand.

They added that 12 others were treated at the scene for tear gas suffocation.

In Jerusalem district, the sources confirmed a raid in Qalandiya refugee camp, north of the city, resulting in the detention of another.

The soldiers showed up at a house in Biddu town, northwest of the city, muscled inside, conducted a thorough search and eventually detained another.

In the southern West Bank, a convoy of army vehicles stormed Surif town, northwest of the city, where the soldiers detained another and ransacked his family houses, turning it upside down.


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