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In a large-scale arrest campaign, Israeli occupation forces detain 27 Palestinians

In a large-scale arrest campaign, Israeli occupation forces detain 27 Palestinians
Israeli occupation forces detaining Palestinians in the occupied territories.

RAMALLAH, Wednesday, September 07, 2022 (WAFA) – The Israeli occupation forces today and last night conducted a large-scale arrest campaign in the occupied territories, detaining at least 27 Palestinians, according to sources.

Israeli forces rounded up six Palestinians after breaking into and ransacking the homes of their families in Silwad town, northeast of the city of Ramallah. Among the detainees were two 17-year-old teens and a father along with his son.

The soldiers raided Kafr Ein village, northwest of Ramallah, and detained two others.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces detained five Palestinians, including two brothers, from various parts of the occupied city of Jerusalem.

In the southern West Bank, the sources confirmed a raid in Dura city, southwest of Hebron, resulting in the detention of two brothers.

Soldiers also detained two others in two separate raids in Deir al-Asal village and Kharas town, west and northwest of Hebron city respectively.

In Nablus city, soldiers detained one person after raiding his family home.

They also barged into Beita, a town that has a scene of weekly rallies against Israeli settler-colonialism and pillage of Palestinian land, forcibly entered several houses, and detained three people.

The sources pointed out that it transpired that a resident of Nablus city who was initially thought to have gone missing is imprisoned in Israel.

In the northern West Bank, soldiers detained two people from al-Fara’a refugee camp, south of Tubas, and ransacked the houses of their families, turning them upside down. A Palestinian youth was shot and killed by the soldiers during the raid.

In Jenin district, soldiers manning a checkpoint near the town of Yabad detained a young man.

Elsewhere in the northern West Bank, the sources confirmed a raid in Qalqilya city, resulting in the detention of another.

They said that a sizable military force barged into the eastern neighborhood of Tulkarm city, and arrested a former prisoner after breaking into and searching his family house.

On Tuesday evening, forces stationed at al-Karameh border crossing, between the West Bank and Jordan, detained a resident of Barta'a al Sharqiya town, south of Jenin, while he was on his way to Turkey.

Also on Tuesday evening, police detained a young man from the vicinity of Herod’s Gate, one of the gates to the Old City of Jerusalem.


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