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Palestinian attorneys foil settler attempt to “evict” Sheikh Jarrah families

JERUSALEM, Friday, July 8, 2022 (WAFA) – Palestinian attorneys Thursday foiled an attempt by Israeli settlers to “evict” Palestinian families from their houses in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, according to the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs.

The Ministry said in a press statement that Palestinian attorneys foiled Israeli settlers attempt to drive the Ja‘oni, al-Kassem, al-Kurd and Iskafi families out of their houses in the neighborhood.

It explained that the attorneys successfully secured an Israeli Supreme Court decision rejecting the settlers’ petition that an expanded tribunal reconsider the court’s last decision to the effect of cancelling “eviction” orders against the four families from their houses.

It added that the Palestinian team of attorneys has been working over years to ensure that dozens of families are not expelled from their houses and foil Israeli plans to establish a colonial settlement on their ruins of the houses.

The neighborhood has become a scene of massive protests against Israel’s settler-colonialism in the occupied territories since the Israeli occupation authorities decided to forcibly expel dozens of families from their houses in favor of colonial settler groups.

Palestinians have maintained that the Israeli occupation authorities’ decision to “evict” the families from their houses in favor of the settler groups is politically-motivated and comes as part of Israel’s efforts to ethnically cleanse Jerusalemite Palestinians.

Since the occupation of Jerusalem by Israel in June 1967, Israeli settlers colonial organizations, including Elad and Ateret Cohanim, have claimed ownership of Palestinian property in Jerusalem. Backed by the Israeli state, judiciary and security services, these organizations have been working on wresting control of Palestinian property and convert it into colonial outposts as part of the efforts to ensure a Jewish majority in the city, as well as on managing archaeological sites in Silwan and overseeing their excavation. This scheme involves building new colonial tourist sites, such as the “City of David”, to bolster their propaganda.


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