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Foreign Minister discusses latest political developments with Spanish counterpart

MADRID, Friday, July 1, 2022 (WAFA) – Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Riyad Al-Maliki briefed today his Spanish counterpart Jose Manuel Albares on the latest political developments in occupied Palestine, including the Israeli violations and crimes against the Palestinian people.

During his meeting with his Spanish counterpart at the Viana Palace, Al-Maliki stressed the need for the international community to demand the new interim Israeli government to stop its settlement policy and clearly abide by the two-state solution.

Al-Maliki pointed out that the Madrid Conference was a historic milestone in the early stages of the peace process, but it was Israel, the occupying power, that made this peace out of reach due to the policy of creating a fait accompli on the ground through settlement construction, land confiscation, killing and arbitrary arrest of Palestinians.

Meantime, Albares affirmed Spain's firm position in support of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, and its strong commitment to the two-state solution. He pointed out that Spain will continue this support Palestine in all areas, and will always work alone or through its partners to advance the peace process.


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