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Crops stolen, trees cut by settlers in Palestinian land located beyond Israel’s apartheid barrier

SALFIT, Monday, October 12, 2020 (WAFA) - Palestinians who were able to access their land located beyond Israel’s apartheid barrier in the Salfit area in the north of the occupied West Bank found out that their olive crops have been stolen and dozens of trees cut, according to residents.

Mohammad Amer, a resident of Masha village, told WAFA that two out of 20 Palestinians who own land planted with olive trees in the north of the village and located beyond the Israeli apartheid wall and were able to get access to their lands were shocked to find out that Israeli settlers from the illegal Eits Ephraim settlement have stolen their olive crops and cut branches of some 60 trees planted in a 120-dunum plot.

Israel does not allow Palestinians to reach their lands near the settlements or beyond the barrier with prior coordination and with a permit. Usually, permits are not issued except for elderly people and only on some days of the year leaving their land open for abuse by the settlers.


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