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Presidency expresses absolute rejection, strong condemnation of US decisions on Jerusalem, Golan Heights


RAMALLAH, Monday, March 25, 2019 (WAFA) - The Palestinian presidency expressed its absolute rejection and strong condemnation of the series of decisions issued by the US administration on Jerusalem and the Syrian Golan Heights, which it stressed contravene international law and international legitimacy.

The presidency reaffirmed that sovereignty is not decided by either the US or Israel no matter how long the occupation lasts and that the Palestinian issue, Jerusalem and its holy sites, and the occupied Palestinian territories are Palestinian, Arab, and international red lines that cannot be crossed.

President Mahmoud Abbas stressed that no one has legitimacy without Security Council resolutions, the UN General Assembly and the Arab peace initiative.

The president reiterated his condemnation for the recent Israeli escalations in the Gaza Strip, the oppressive measures recently carried out against Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, and continued Israeli policy of raids and aggression against holy sites and the occupied Palestinian territories.

The presidency stressed that the Palestinian people will remain steadfast and defend their national constants and holy sites in the face of the biggest plan that targets Palestine and the unity and sovereignty of all Arab countries on their territories.

President Abbas is set to deliver a speech at the Arab summit in Tunisia at the end of the month. The presidency stressed that the Arab response will remain the same; “There will be no compromise on Jerusalem or any other Arab land and the policy of the US administration will only heighten tension and instability and will not achieve peace and security for anyone.”


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