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UPDATE | Dozens injured as Israeli forces attack Palestinian protesters south of Nablus


NABLUS, Friday, February 28, 2020 (WAFA) – Dozens of Palestinian protesters were injured today as Israeli forces quelled them while defending a mountainous area against takeover by settlers to the south of the West Bank city of Nablus, according to WAFA correspondent.

He said that Israeli forces stormed Jabal al-‘Arma mountain, on the outskirts of Beita village, and opened fire on scores of Palestinian villagers who remained there all the night to fend off an Israeli settlers’ attempt to take it over, injuring over 180 protesters, most of them lightly.

WAFA reported Palestinian medics confirming that a villager suffered from fractures and bruises as a result of being beaten by soldiers, and another sustained injuries in the thigh after being hit by a gas canister. Both casualties were rushed to a hospital for treatment.

Medics also confirmed that a 16-year-old teen was evacuated to hospital for treatment after being hit in the back with a bullet shot by Israeli troops.

Scores of villagers held a night-long in the mountain to prevent settlers from encroaching upon it to establish a new colonial outpost.

Jabal al-‘Arma boasts an ancient Roman-era castle hewn in rock and fresh water springs, making it a local tourist attraction. However, such features make it a prime target for Israeli settlers as colonial settlements are often positioned above water reserves, effectively stealing water as well as land.

Israel uses the Jewish nationalist name, “Judea and Samaria”, in reference to the occupied West Bank to reinforce its bogus claims to the territory and to give them a veneer of historical and religious legitimacy.



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