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Farmer ordered to evacuate land in Jordan Valley for Israeli takeover


JERICHO, June 12, 2018 (WAFA) – The Israeli military authorities Tuesday ordered a Jordan Valley farmer to evacuate his land, which he has planted with trees, and said they were going to raze it, according to local sources.

Ahmad Assi Damra, from Hijlet al-Zour, east of Jericho, was ordered to evacuate his 25-dunum plot of land, planted with palm trees, in order raze it.

A similar order was made to another Palestinian farmer, Suleiman al-Zayed, who has planted his 4-dunum plot in the village of Nuweimeh, north of Jericho, with olive trees. The army ordered Zayed to evacuate his land in order to level it.

Israel treats all of the Jordan Valley land, which makes a big chunk of the area of the occupied West Bank, as solely under its control and prevents the thousands of Palestinians who live there and have land from developing their land or building on it.


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