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Following army raid of home of an alleged Palestinian attacker, residents confront soldiers


JERUSALEM, Wednesday, April 22, 2020 (WAFA) – Palestinian residents of al-Sawahre village, southeast of occupied Jerusalem, today confronted Israeli soldiers who broke into their village to arrest family members of an alleged attacker, said a local official.

Residents confronted the soldiers near the home of Ibrahim Halaseh, 25, who was gunned down this morning after he allegedly rammed his car into an army checkpoint in the south of the West Bank and stabbed a soldier, said member of al-Sawahre village council Yunis Jafar.

The forces came to the Halaseh home to search his home and arrest family members, he said.

The Israeli forces fired rubber bullets and teargas at the stone-throwing youths, injuring some. One person was injured from broken glass after a bullet hit the windshield of his car and was rushed to hospital, said the Red Crescent.


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