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Greek Orthodox Church says Israeli court ruling in favor of seizure of church property unfair


JERUSALEM, Wednesday, June 12, 2019 (WAFA) – The decisions of the Israeli courts that allowed seizure by Israeli settler groups of Greek Orthodox Church property located in Jaffa Gate area of Jerusalem’s Old City are unfair and will be further legally challenged, according to a statement issued today by the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

It declared its “full opposition to the unfair decisions” of the courts, stressing that its law teams are looking into new information and evidence that was made available to them in the past 48 hours which reveal important aspects for what it called “this suspicious transaction.”

“Our legal teams, in cooperation with experts in international law, are studying all the possibilities available to annul the deal to seize the properties at Jaffa Gate,” said the statement.

It said it will also continue with international efforts and meet with heads of state and religious leaders from around the world to put them in the picture of the efforts to take over the church property in Jaffa Gate and to stress to them that the seizure of these properties “will have negative effects on the Christian presence in the Holy City” and that “the existence of a vibrant Christian community in Jerusalem is essential to maintaining a historically diverse society and to achieve peace in this city.”

The Greek Orthodox Church said it will continue to support the current tenants of the property who are considered protected tenants bylaw to serve as a frontline in the defense of the property from Israeli settlers’ takeover.


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