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New members of Palestine Monetary Authority sworn in

New members of Palestine Monetary Authority sworn in
President Mahmoud Abbas with new and old members of the PMA. (WAFA Images / Thayer Ghanayem)

RAMALLAH, Wednesday, June 7, 2023 (WAFA) – Three new members of the Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA) were sworn in today in front of President Mahmoud Abbas and at his Ramallah headquarters.

Enas Attari, Samir Hazboun, and Dirar Ellyan were sworn in as new members in the presence of Feras Melhem, PMA Governor and Chairman of the Board, and members of the board members.

The President had recently issued a presidential decree rearranging the PMA Board of Directors. According to the decision, the Board included the three new members, in addition to the Chairman of the Board and Governor, Firas Melhem, Deputy Governor, Mohammad Manasra, Representative of the Ministry of Finance, Farid Ghanem, in addition to John Khoury, Arafat Asfour, and Said Haifa, for a second term.


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