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Arab League condemns Israel’s “open war” on Palestinian people

Arab League condemns Israel’s “open war” on Palestinian people
The Arab League.

CAIRO, Monday, February 6, 2023 (WAFA) –The Arab League condemned today “the open war and the organized Israeli crimes” against the Palestinian people, which led to the death of dozens since the beginning of this year.

Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul-Gheit, warned of the silence about the deterioration in the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories with the escalation by the Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank.

Aboul-Gheit made the remarks during a meeting in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, with the representative of the European Union for the peace process in the Middle East, Sven Koopmans.

During the meeting, they discussed the latest developments in the occupied Palestinian territories and ways to confront the impasse in the political horizon.

Aboul-Gheit criticized the failure of all supporters of peace, including the European Union, to hold Israel responsible for this escalation, especially in light of its current government's tendencies towards expanding settlements and tightening the screws on the Palestinians through repeated military campaigns, as well as arrests, house demolitions, and other measures that violate international humanitarian law.

Meanwhile, the Arab League condemned the "open war, aggression, terrorism, and organized Israeli crimes” that are practiced against the Palestinian people in all cities and villages," the latest was today’s killing of a number of Palestinians in the city of Jericho and Aqbat Jabr refugee camp.

Assistant Arab League Secretary-General for Palestine and the Occupied Arab Territories Affairs, Said Abu Ali, said this new crime is added to the escalating series of crimes, which are committed in the absence of an effective international position, and the international community's silence and disregard for it.

In a statement, Abu Ali held the right-wing Israeli government fully responsible for this crime, stressing that this government is directing its ongoing violations and crimes against the Palestinian people and their just rights.

He also condemned the policy of the comprehensive blockade imposed by the Israeli occupation authorities on the city of Jericho 10 days ago, within the framework of collective punishment on Palestinian cities and civilians, in clear violation of all international norms and covenants.

Abu Ali called on the international community to urgently assume its responsibilities by acting immediately and to pressure by all means to put an end to this criminal aggression immediately, urging for redoubling international efforts and pressure to provide an immediate and effective international protection system for the Palestinian people.


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