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Israeli settlers attack Palestinians and their homes in multiple West Bank areas

RAMALLAH, Wednesday, November 23, 2022 (WAFA) – Israeli settlers tonight attacked Palestinians and their homes in multiple West Bank areas, according to sources.

Security sources told WAFA that settler gangs attacked Palestinian residents’ homes to the south of Bethlehem, however, no injuries were reported.

Settlers also attacked Palestinian-registered vehicles passing near the Beit El settlement to the north of al-Bireh city, smashing the windows of several cars.

Settlers reportedly gathered at the Beit El (DCO) Israeli military checkpoint and prevented Palestinians’ movement, causing a traffic jam.

In Nablus, settlers set fire to a vehicle and attacked one of the houses in the village of Burin, smashing down its windows.

Settlers attempted to set fire to the house but were fended off by the village residents.


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