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Turkish Souq launches a promotion campaign for Palestinians in cooperation with Palestinian Post

RAMALLAH, Friday, August 26, 2022 (WAFA) - The Turkish online shopping website Turkish Souq has launched a campaign to promote its products to the Palestinians as part of its cooperation with the Palestinian Post, aiming to reach out to more customers.

Imad Tumaiza, a spokesman for the Palestinian Post, said that the promotion campaign by the Turkish Souq includes discounts of up to 50% for all products purchased by Palestinian shoppers whenever they use the Palestinian postal code and address.

He said that the shopping will be free of shipping charges, and that all purchases below $75 will be exempt from customs. Tumaiza added that the staff of the Palestinian Post will distribute the shipments to the registered addresses in Palestine as soon as possible.

Tumaiza said this cooperation is a result of the efforts of the Palestinian Post to mobilize international cooperation and support to activate the Palestinian postal addressing and coding at the international level. Recently, the Post succeeded in opening lines of communication and cooperation with all countries of the world.

Of note, the Turkish Souq works in cooperation with the Turkish Post and is active in several countries, including Qatar and Britain. It was established at the call of the Universal Postal Union for integrating postal business with e-commerce.

User wishing to shop and benefit from the campaign can the website of the Turkish Souq and choose the Palestinian Territories as a shipping destination through the following link: https://turkishsouq.com/.



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