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Palestinian Central Council affirms standing behind President Mahmoud Abbas in face of attack campaign against him

RAMALLAH, Wednesday, August 24, 2022 (WAFA) – The Palestinian Central Council (PCC), the second-highest decision-making body in the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), held a consultative meeting this evening in Ramallah during which the members unanimously agreed to stand behind President Mahmoud Abbas in the face of the attack campaign launched against him, affirming that the Palestinian people stand united in support of the president.

The PCC slammed the campaign against President Abbas as a deliberate clamor organized by Israel to cover up its crimes against the Palestinian people.

The Council affirmed the need to join efforts, arrange the internal home, and achieve Palestinian national unity in order to confront this campaign and the various challenges facing the Palestinian people and leadership.

The PCC stressed that President Abbas represents the Palestinian narrative which the Israeli occupier is trying to falsify, affirming that the attack on the president is a clear war against the Palestinian narrative.

PCC further stressed that the attack on the president encourages Israel to pursue its aggressive policies against the Palestinian people.


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