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Israeli forces clash with Palestinians at Qalandia checkpoint

Israeli forces clash with Palestinians at Qalandia checkpoint
(WAFA archive)

JERUSALEM, Wednesday, March 16, 2022 (WAFA) – Clashes today evening broke out between Palestinian youth and Israeli army forces at Qalandia military checkpoint to the north of occupied Jerusalem, according to eyewitnesses.

Israeli forces stationed at the checkpoint showered Palestinian youth with teargas. The youth responded by burning tires and throwing rocks at the soldiers. No injuries or arrests were reported.

In the meantime, Israeli forces stormed the outskirts of at-Tira neighborhood in Ramallah, closed a nearby street, and stopped and searched Palestinian-registered vehicles before leaving the area.

“The military disrupts Palestinians’ lives by restricting their freedom of movement as it sees fit. Often this is done without a moment’s notice. Soldiers block off roads temporarily or with permanent roadblocks, detain Palestinians at checkpoints, demand that they follow instructions, humiliate them and sometimes even use physical violence against them,” said the Israeli information center for human rights in occupied territories, B’Tselem.


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