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Presidency condemns Israeli killing of Palestinians, warns of an explosion

Presidency condemns Israeli killing of Palestinians, warns of an explosion
Presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh.

RAMALLAH, Tuesday, March 15, 2022 (WAFA) – The Palestinian presidency today condemned the daily Israeli occupation’s killing of Palestinians, which it described as extrajudicial executions, that resulted in the killing today of two young Palestinians in Balata and Qalandia refugee camps in the West Bank, and a third in the Naqab in south Israel, and warned that this escalation could lead to an explosion in the situation.

Presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh told the official Voice of Palestine radio that the Israeli government is held fully responsible for this escalation.

“Our people will not accept the continuing occupation measures against them, and they have all options to act in any way and anywhere to preserve their rights and confront the occupation,” he said.

“The Palestinian leadership will continue its efforts to present files related to the Israeli occupation government's escalation in its crimes against our people before all international organizations and institutions, especially the International Criminal Court and International Court of Justice as well as the United Nations and its Security Council.”

The presidential spokesman stressed that the situation is heading towards an explosion if the Israeli government continues to reject peace and “play with fire.”

What is required is for Israel to commit to immediately stop all unilateral measures in accordance with the signed agreements, as well as US commitments and pledges, he added, warning against dealing with double standards.

He called on the US administration to shoulder its responsibilities in stopping the escalating aggression of the Israeli occupiers because it is the only party capable of putting pressure on Israel, noting that US-Palestinian contacts are still continuing, but the US administration has not yet fulfilled any of the promises President Joe Biden made to President Mahmoud Abbas, especially with regard to the reopening of the US consulate in East Jerusalem, maintaining the status quo in the holy city, and unilateral Israeli measures, such as seizing Palestinian tax funds.

Abu Rudeineh called on the US administration to reconsider its policies towards the continuous Israeli violations and pressure it to stop the aggression, indicating that the occupation government persisted in its crimes and aggression, canceled all agreements, and does not allow the creation of a suitable environment for any peace process.

He added that the world is still committed to the two-state solution, international law, and the United Nations resolutions, stressing that as long as there is no solution to the Palestinian issue, the region will not live in peace, and as long as Jerusalem burns, the whole region will remain in a state of instability and tension.


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