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Israeli police shoot, injure youth in Jerusalem after alleged stabbing attack

JERUSALEM, Monday, September 13, 2021 (WAFA) – Israeli police today shot and injured a Palestinian youth near the Central Bus Station in Jaffa St. to the west of Jerusalem after an alleged stabbing attack, according to Israeli media.

Israeli police opened fire on a Palestinian youth who allegedly carried out a stabbing attack that resulted in the injury of two settlers, causing him injuries.

The identity and fate of the youth remain unknown until the moment.

Israeli has been criticized for its reflexive use of lethal force and "extrajudicial killings" when Palestinian alleged attackers no longer pose an immediate threat.

In some cases, the person shot was left bleeding to death on the ground and was not given prompt medical assistance, in violation of the prohibition of torture and other ill-treatment, said the center.

According to a report issued by various human rights organizations in Israel and published on B’Tselem website, an Israeli human rights center, "In instances when Jews have been suspected of attacks, none of the suspects has been shot." "Intentional lethal force should only be used when absolutely necessary to protect life. Instead, we are increasingly seeing Israeli forces recklessly flouting international standards by shooting to kill in situations where it is completely unjustified," said Philip Luther, Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Amnesty International.

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) said in this regard, "There is no dispute as to the severity of the incidents and the need to protect the public from stabbings and other assaults.

However, it appears that in too many cases, rather than acting in a manner that was appropriate for each incident, police officers and soldiers were quick to open fire in order to kill." T.R.


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