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Occupation soldiers open gunfire at homes east of Rafah

GAZA, Thursday, July 08, 2021 (WAFA) - Israeli occupation forces opened gunfire today at Palestinian citizens' homes east of Rafah city in the south of the Gaza Strip, said WAFA correspondent. No injuries were reported.

Soldiers stationed along the Israeli perimeter fence surrounding the Gaza Strip opened gunfire at homes, causing financial damages to some of them but no casualties.

Last May, the occupying state of Israel launched an 11-day aggression on Gaza that resulted in the killing of over 260 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and the injury of over 1,000 others.

Tensions have remained high since the ceasefire on May 21. The airstrikes on the Gaza Strip brought back fears of a military escalation, especially in light of the Israeli restrictions in place since May.

Israel have kept the two crossings with the Gaza Strip, Kerem Shalom for commerce and Erez for individuals, semi-closed, only allowing food and some other items, as well as medical emergencies.

The closure of the two crossings severely affected the daily lives of Gazans, stopping the flow of goods to shops of all kinds and mail between Gaza and the West Bank and the outside world, making it hard for merchants to travel.


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