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Palestinian chased by Israeli forces in Nablus-district village sustain fractures

Palestinian chased by Israeli forces in Nablus-district village 
sustain fractures
Protestors take part in the night confussion activities against tghe construction of a colonial settlement on lands belonging to Beit Dajan

NABLUS, Wednesday, June 23, 2021 (WAFA) – Israeli forces Wednesday overnight chased a Palestinian who participated in the nighttime confusion activities in Beit Dajan village, east of Nablus city, causing him to sustain fractures, according to local sources.

Head of Beit Dajan Village Council, Murad Abu-Hneish, said that Israeli soldiers chased a young man as he took part in the nighttime confusions activities against the establishment of a new Israeli colonial settlement on the villagers’ lands, causing him to fall and sustain fractures in his right foot.

The soldiers targeted the protestors in the activities, which typically see protestors burning tires. Blaring horns and using flashlights to annoy the Israeli settlers and press them to leave, with gunfire as well as tear gas and stun bombs.

Beit Dajan has become a scene for weekly protests against the Israeli occupation authorities move to construct a new colonial settlement, east of the village, and expand existing ones at the expense of Palestinian territory.

Located 12 kilometers to the east of Nablus city, Beit Dajan has a population of some 4,700 and occupies a total area of 44,100 dunams, including 360 donums of built-up area for the villagers. A large part of the village lands were seized for the construction of Al-Hamra and Mekhora (Mehola) colonial settlements, east and southeast of the village, in 1971 and 1973.

The village depends on grains plantation and fruitful trees, such as olive, figs and almonds.



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