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Israeli settler caught on camera assaulting a church in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, Thursday, February 04, 2021 (WAFA) – Recordings of surveillance cameras have shown an Israeli settler carrying out an assault two days ago on the Romanian Orthodox Church in the neighborhood of Musrara in occupied Jerusalem, according to local sources.

The surveillance cameras recordings showed the settler smashing the lock of one of the church's gates and a surveillance camera belonging to it. The incident is believed to have taken place on February 2 night.

Ramzi Khoury, Chairman of the Higher Presidential Commission for Church Affairs, strongly condemned the attack, saying that it was a result of the impunity granted to hardcore Israeli settlers who carry out attacks on Christian and Muslim holy places, especially in occupied Jerusalem.

Khoury directly blamed the Israeli occupation authorities for this attack and for all previous attacks on holy places. He called on all church-related and international organizations to uphold their responsibilities and "take action against those trying to pull the region into a religious conflict."

"The sanctity of our churches and mosques in Palestine is desecrated, the legacy of our ancestors is violated, and the cradle of Christ and the Prophet Muhammad are breached," said Khoury in a message to the world.

"We want effective and deterrent action, we want the international community to intervene in the face of these violations and put an end to them."





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