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Summary of meeting between PLO official Ashrawi and UK Consul General in Jerusalem

RAMALLAH, Thursday, November 19, 2020 (WAFA) - Hanan Ashrawi held a constructive meeting with British Consul General in Jerusalem, Philip Hall to discuss the latest developments, including the outcome of the US elections and current challenges.

Ashrawi always emphasized the need to remedy the grave consequences of the policies adopted by the outgoing Trump administration and chart a way forward that meets the requirements of peace and justice.

“A new strategic relationship needs to be established with Palestine, based on mutual respect and commitment to universal human rights,” she said, adding, “This starts by discarding once and for all with the Trump so-called plan and recommitting to ending the Israeli military occupation that began in 1967.”

She also warned of last ditch efforts by this administration to provide the Israeli settler regime with more political rewards, pointing to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's visit to the illegal colonial settlement of 'Psagot' and announcements that whitewash occupation, annexation, and the erasure of the Palestinian people.

“Israel is exploiting this transitional period to approve large and strategic settlement expansion and other destructive steps,” she warned, adding, “This requires immediate international action.”

The Consul General and Ashrawi agreed on the need to encourage and assist Palestinian efforts to hold elections and end the intra-Palestinian division.


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