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Minister Malki: Palestine‘s admission to INTERPOL is a victory for law enforcement worldwide

RAMALLAH, September 27, 2017 (WAFA) – Minister of Foreign and Expatriate Affairs, Riyad al-Malki, praised on Wednesday the INTERPOL for admitting the State of Palestine as a member of the organization.

He said the overwhelming vote in support of Palestine‘s membership is "a vote of confidence in Palestine‘s law enforcement capabilities and commitment to the core values of the organization. Palestine‘s admission to INTERPOL is a victory for law enforcement and global cooperation.”

According to al-Malki, the victory was made possible “because of the principled position of the majority of INTERPOL members. Palestine‘s membership is the outcome of members defending this organization‘s raison d‘etre and advancing its core values, and a clear rejection of attempts at cynical manipulation and political bullying.”

“Today, facts and merits overcame all other considerations. That is a cause of our collective celebration. On behalf of the Palestinian people, I extend our thanks and sincere gratitude to all members who made this happen,” he added.

On this occasion, the Foreign Minister reiterated the commitment of the State of Palestine to upholding its obligations and contributing to fighting crime and furthering the rule of law. He said, “Palestine will work with all members to advance the standing and role of INTERPOL. We will be a constructive and cooperative partner in this global endeavor that affects the lives and future of all our citizens.”

“The State of Palestine views this membership and the responsibilities it entails as an integral part of its responsibility towards the Palestinian people and its moral obligation towards citizens of the world,” al-Malki remarked.

“Palestine is ready and able to shoulder these obligations and responsibilities as an active partner in the international community that effectively and demonstrably contributes to the advancement of our shared core values as nations”


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