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Tens of thousands of Palestinians demonstrate in Ramallah against deal of century


Thousands of Palestinians demonstrate in downtown Ramallah against the deal of the century and in support of President Mahmoud Abbas. (WAFA Images / Ayman Noubani) 

RAMALLAH, Tuesday, February 11, 2020 (WAFA) – “Palestine not for sale,” and “No to the deal of the century,” were only few of the signs raised today by the tens of thousands of Palestinians who came from all over the West Bank to demonstrate in Ramallah city center against the American so-called deal of the century and in support of President Mahmoud Abbas as he gets ready to tell the United Nations Security Council that the American plan is bad not only for Palestine, but for the entire world, particularly international law and the world order.

“As the world watches you and all these crowds that fill the streets of Ramallah and Gaza, they will understand the Palestinian reaction (to the deal of the century),” said Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh addressing the crowds. “These people sent a message to Abu Mazen (President Abbas) that we stand behind you to bring down the deal of shame,” he said in reference to the American deal of the century.

Standing on the podium next to Shtayyeh were members of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Fatah Central Committee and representatives of all political factions.

“We came out today against what is called the deal of the century,” Mahmoud Aloul, member of Fatah Central Committee and deputy to President Abbas in Fatah movement, told the crowds. “This gathering today sends a message that all the pressures will not lead us to give up our national constants and rights.”

The demonstrators waived the Palestinian flag as they filled Ramallah city center and carried signs saying “down with the deal of the century,” and that the Palestinians are not asking for charity but want to live in peace and dignity.

Similar mass demonstration took place in Gaza city as thousands came out to tell the world that the Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and all over the world stand together against the deal of the century.


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