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Israeli Bulldozers Demolish Tin-Sheet Muslim Chapel in Jerusalem Neighborhood

JERUSALEM, May 23, 2016 (WAFA) – Israeli bulldozers Monday dawn demolished a Muslim chapel made of tin sheets in al-Musrara neighborhood opposite to Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, said a local information center.

Escorting a bulldozer and a forklift truck, large Israeli police and special forces cordoned off the Muslim chapel, known as the Prophets Chapel, preventing locals from approaching.

They evacuated all vehicles parked in the place before demolishing the tin-made chapel.

The chapel was set up by Palestinian traders and public bus drivers who needed a chapel where they can perform their prayers.

Meanwhile, Minister of Waqf and Religious Affiars Yusef Id‘eis slammed the chapel demolition as an “aggression” and a “terrorist attack”.

“Israeli occupation forces and settlers have stepped up their terrorist assaults against Palestinian people and property, including house demolitions, arson attacks and settlement expansion across the occupied Palestinian Territories (West Bank and Gaza), particularly Jerusalem,” he said.

“These assaults could have grave consequences as they form a part of a series of racist practices that demonstrate Israeli occupation’s disregard of holy sites and Palestinian people. This illustrates the urgent need to provide Palestinians with protection,” he added.

Id‘eis held the Israeli government fully responsible for the chapel demolition and called on the United Nations system, particularly the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), to follow up on Israeli crimes against holy sites.


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