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EU contributes 15 million Euros for civil servant monthly pay


JERUSALEM, Friday, May 3, 2019 (WAFA) – The European Union announced today its contribution of 15 million Euros to the April monthly payroll and pensions of around 57,000 Palestinian civil servants in the West Bank.

The EU said in a statement that the EU-funded contribution was part of direct financial support to the Palestinian Authority through the PEGASE mechanism.

"The European Union is committed to protecting the future of a two-state solution and creating the foundations of a future Palestinian state, and this requires our political engagement, in addition to our financial support," said EU Representative Ralf Tarraf.

"Our support today to pay the salaries and pensions of Palestinian civil servants is another proof of our political will and commitment to stability and security. The EU has always been a reliable partner and will remain committed to the main political positions on the Palestinians."



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