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Newspapers Review: Dailies highlight the dozens of injuries during Israeli army suppression of the protests

Newspapers Review: Dailies highlight the dozens of injuries during Israeli army suppression of the protests

RAMALLAH, Saturday, January 14, 2023 (WAFA) - The three Palestinian Arabic dailies published today, al-Quds, al-Hayat al-Jadida, and al-Ayyam, highlighted the large number of injuries during the occupation forces' suppression of the Friday anti-occupation, anti-settlements protests in the occupied West Bank.

Here are the main headlines of the three dailies:

Al-Hayat al-Jadida

Dozens of injuries in the West Bank and the flag of Palestine flying in Jerusalem despite Ben Gvir

Settlers attack participants in a tourist trail north of Jericho, and (PM) Shtayyeh warns

Abu Bakr (prisoners’ commissioner): The prisoners are in a state of alert and they have a firm decision to confront

A pro-Palestine demonstration during the visit of the US Vice President to the University of Michigan

Minister Assaf meets a number of Arab ministers on the sidelines of the Arab Media Conference in Tunis

Mansour (Palestine’s UN representative): There is no rule for international law if the rules change depending on the identity of the perpetrators and the victims

Lapid attacks Netanyahu: You are too weak to deal with extremists in your government


Injuries during the suppression of the Friday rallies, confronting incursions and attacks by settlers

Settlers attack young men and foreigners in Jericho and Shtayyeh warns of serious consequences

Israeli citizens and activists defy Ben Gvir by raising the Palestinian flag in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood

A civilian was injured as a result of the explosion of an occupation remnant in al-Samou

Sirens sound in Matte Binyamin settlement, north of Jerusalem

Amr's talks priorities: Opening the bridge 24 hours a day, and no mention of a political horizon

Mass funeral for the martyrs of Qabatiya

A former Facebook official joins the Israeli government


Dozens of injuries during the suppression of the weekly protests in the West Bank

Dozens of solidarity activists take part in the weekly rally in Sheikh Jarrah

Large crowds mourn the martyrs Nazzal and Kmail in Qabatiya

Ukraine asks for western-made tanks

Demonstrations in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa today against the “judicial coup"

New obstacles to obtaining building permits in Jerusalem

Russia declares control of the town of Solidar, and Kyiv confirms the continuation of the battles


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