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Israeli forces carry out live fire training near Palestinian homes


NABLUS, November 14, 2017 (WAFA) –Israeli forces have been conducting live fire training in the village of Khirbet Tawil, to the south of Nablus, since Monday night after imposing a curfew on local residents, according to local sources.

Yousef Deriya, a local activist, told WAFA that Israeli military ordered local residents not to leave their homes during the period of the training, which includes live fire and heavy artillery exercises.

Deriya said the Israeli military did not inform the village’s residents about how long the training would last.

In May 2014, a senior Israeli commander admitted that training exercises in the occupied West Bank involve live fire and are used to drive local Palestinian residents out of their land.

The revelation was a rare official acknowledgement of a measure that critics have long decried as part of a deliberate policy by the Israeli authorities to force Palestinians out of their land.


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