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Israel halts the construction of farms and structures in the Jordan Valley

Israel halts the construction of farms and structures in the Jordan Valley
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JORDAN VALLEY, Sunday, December 11, 2022 (WAFA) – Israeli authorities Sunday issued halt on construction orders against farms, agricultural and residential structures in the area of Ras al-Ahmar, in the northern Jordan Valley, according to activist Mo'taz Bsharat.

He said that the Israeli authorities halted the construction in an agricultural structure owned by local farmers, and issued a halt on construction order against a water line that provides water to more than 1300 donums of lands.

Bsharat added that the occupation authorities gave a notice to stop work on an agricultural structure in a banana farm with an area of 30 dunums and a 1.5-kilometer water line that feeds 180 dunums of lands, in addition to a notice to stop construction on an agricultural barracks of 40 square meters.

He added that the occupation also gave notice of halting work on a two-kilometer agricultural road that leads to the agricultural lands of al-Ras al-Ahmar.

The halt construction notices distributed by the Israeli authorities also included residences, facilities and livestock pens owned by citizens in the areas of Atuf and Al-Ras Al-Ahmar.

The occupation forces had notified earlier today to halt the construction on an agricultural road to the east of the village of Atuf.

It is noteworthy that the occupation has escalated since the beginning of this year its violations against Palestinian citizens and their property in the area, such violation measures included demolition, demolition notices, halting construction, and seizing agricultural vehicles and tractors.


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