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Foreign Ministry: International reactions encourage Israel to continue its aggression on Gaza

RAMALLAH, Saturday, August 06, 2022 (WAFA) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has condemned the brutal Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip for the second day in a row, which has resulted so far in the death of 12 Palestinian citizens, including a child and a woman, and the injury of more than 80 others.

“This aggression a manifestation of the arrogance of the Israeli military force, and an extension of a racist colonial mindset that deals with the occupied Palestinian territory as a training field, and with the Palestinian citizen as a target for shooting,” said the Foreign Ministry in a statement. “The occupying power determines the course, borders and targets of its strikes without accountability at the international level.”

The statement continued, “Israel is looking for the easiest targets where it can achieve high ‘success’ rates in order to prove to itself and to the countries on its side its ability and its capability of marketing its military technology.”

“Israel has adopted the approach of pre-emptive war to end any danger it faces, even if it is theoretical or has not yet formed, but the question is: Who determines what that danger is? What is the definition of a threat?”


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