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European diplomats pay solidarity visit to afflicted Palestinian community in Jordan Valley

European diplomats pay solidarity visit to afflicted Palestinian community in Jordan Valley
European diplomats on an earlier visit to Humsa al-Bqai'a.

JORDAN VALLEY, Monday, July 19, 2021 (WAFA) - European diplomats today payed a solidarity visit to Humsa al-Bqai’a Palestinian community in the northern Jordan Valley whose homes have been demolished by Israel.

The delegation included consuls and representatives from Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Britain, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Spain and France.

The delegation heard from the residents about their conditions following the Israeli demolition of their homes, the latest was this month.

European Union Representative in Palestine, Sven Kuehn von Burgsdorff, said this is not the first time the diplomats have visited this community, expressing his frustration with what Israel has done to it, describing it as displacement of the local population, which is contrary to international law.

He said Israel does not abide by international treaties, especially the Fourth Geneva Convention, which Israel signed, stressing that all these practices are part of Israel's settlement policy.

He said the European Union rejects this Israeli policy, and that it will work with all parties to end the policy of demolition in the Palestinian territories.

Tubas and the Northern Jordan Valley Governor Younis al-Assi said that the visit of the European delegation to Humsa allows the free world to witness what the Israeli occupiers are doing in Humsa al-Bqai’a.

“We try to provide the most basic necessities of life to the residents in Humsa so that they can continue to survive,” he said, explaining that Israel wants to empty the Palestinian land of its original inhabitants and replace them with settlers.

Harbi Abu Kbash, speaking on behalf of the residents of Humsa, said that the residents of this community have been suffering from the ills of the occupation since its start in June 1967, stressing that these people are the indigenous residents of this land and that they did not come from abroad.

He said the Israeli occupiers seek, through these crimes, to empty the Palestinian valley of its original inhabitants to open the way for settlers to seize more land.


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