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Israeli police rounds up dozens of anti-Netanyahu protesters

Israeli police rounds up dozens of anti-Netanyahu protesters
Israeli police disperse demonstrators protesting against Benjamin Netanyahu at Habima Square in Tel Aviv on October 3, 2020

TEL AVIV, Sunday, October 4, 2020 (WAFA) – Dozens of Israelis demonstrating against embattled Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu were arrested last during clashes with the police in Tel Aviv and in other locations where anti-Netanyahu protests resumed yesterday across the country.

Israeli police also issued hundreds of tickets to protesters under the pretext of violating the coronavirus lockdown rules which prohibit gatherings of more than 20 persons.   

Meanwhile, Israeli media said tens of thousands of protesters gathered at their nearest bridges and junctions to demand Netanyahu to step down. Last month, the Knesset passed a bill stating that, due to the coronavirus crisis and the lockdown, protesters may only demonstrate within a one-kilometer distance from their homes.

The protests in Tel Aviv saw clashes between protesters and police, and many protesters were fined for not wearing masks and being farther from their homes than the legal limit.  

Protesters in many areas of the country also reported that they had been verbally assaulted by passersby, including those that drove by them. Demonstrators in Rishon Lezion told reporters that a vehicle repeatedly drove past them with someone inside comparing them to “Nazi Germany.”

Israelis have been demonstrating for several months demanding Netanyahu to resign over corruption charges and mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak.

Last year Netanyahu was charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust in three long-running corruption investigations. Many protesters say he should not serve as a prime minister at a time when he is on trial for serious charges.




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