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Abbas Reaffirms Support for French Peace Conference Initiative

RAMALLAH, March 3, 2016 (WAFA) - President Mahmoud Abbas Wednesday night reaffirmed his support for a French initiative to convene an international peace conference intended to revive the frozen Palestinian-Israeli peace process.

Abbas made his comments during his speech that inaugurated the 16th session of Fatah Revolutionary Council held in Ramallah on Wednesday night.

During his speech, Abbas reaffirmed the Palestinian leadership’s support for the French proposal to convene an international peace conference that would result in setting up a mechanism for solving the Question of Palestine similar to what happened between Iran and 5+1 powers.

Abbas highlighted the need to break the peace process deadlock and revealed that talks are underway with senior Arab and international actors to mobilize international support for holding such a conference.

He referred to the Palestinian leadership’s efforts to push for a United Nations Security Council’s resolution to halt Israeli settlement construction in the occupied Palestinian Territories and affirmed the illegality of settlements’ construction.

Referring to recent wave of violence that gripped Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories since early October, Abbas said the peaceful popular uprising is a response to Israel’s occupation practices and lack of commitment to implement signed agreements.

He added that the uprising was a response to Israeli violations of Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, detentions, house demolitions, killings and displacement of Palestinians, closures and Gaza blockade.

In reference to the 1993 Oslo Accords, Abbas warned that the Palestinian Authority would no longer comply with signed agreements if Israeli continues act with disregard, adding that the Palestinian Authority’s next steps would depend on the Israeli government’s response to its demands.

Abbas reiterated his opposition to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and rejected any foreign intervention in Palestine’s internal affairs.

“We would not allow anyone to intervene in Palestinian internal affairs as we refuse to intervene in the internal affairs of Arab countries,” he said.

Referring to the killing of Palestinian former prisoner Omar al-Nayef, Abbas said that a special committee has started inquiry into the circumstances surrounding al-Nayef’s killing and that the inquiry findings would be publicly announced.

Abbas also referred to the Palestinian public teachers’ ongoing strike, calling on teachers to return to work. He affirmed the government’s commitment to immediately implement an agreement that was hammered with the Teachers’ Union.

He also stressed the need for national reconciliation based on a national unity government representing all factions that would prepare for general elections.


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