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600 academics call for an end of Israel's apartheid

RAMALLAH, Thursday, July 08, 2021 (WAFA) - Some 600 scholars, artists and intellectuals from more than 45 countries have signed a petition condemning Israeli practices and calling for an immediate end to the Israeli apartheid regime in occupied Palestine.

The petition, organised by the Association of Academics for the Respect of International Law in Palestine (AURDIP), calls for a "democratic constitution" that ensures equal rights and an end to discrimination based on race, ethnic origin, or religion.

"Israel has established an apartheid regime over the entire territory of historic Palestine, directed against the entire Palestinian people, which it has deliberately fragmented," the petition reads.

"Israel no longer seeks to conceal the character of its apartheid regime, asserting Jewish supremacy and self-determination rights reserved for Jews throughout historic Palestine under the new Basic Law passed in 2018 by the Knesset," it continues.

The petition also accuses "Western powers" of enabling Israel's violations against Palestinians.

"The Western powers have facilitated and even subsidised for more than seven decades this Israeli system of colonisation, ethnic cleansing and apartheid, and continue to do so diplomatically, economically and even militarily."

The petition advocates the establishment of a "National Commission for Peace, Reconciliation and Accountability", which will support the transition from an "Israeli apartheid to a government process sensitive to human rights and democratic principles and practices."


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