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Social media watch group: New violations of Palestinian digital content in the first month of 2021

Social media watch group: New violations of Palestinian digital content in the first month of 2021

RAMALLAH, Tuesday, February 02, 2021 (WAFA) - Sada Social Center, a Ramallah-based social media watch group, said today that it monitored a number of violations by social media platforms of Palestinian content and documented more than 28 violations on the internet during January.

It said that it documented 17 violations by Facebook, seven by Twitter, two by Tik Tok, and two by Instagram.

The Center monitored the response of the Facebook administration to dealing with the Israeli occupation government to stifle the Palestinian content. It said the occupation government asked Facebook to add the word Zionist / Zionism as a protected term and to include it in its policy on hate speech to its algorithms and to delete everything related to this term.

Sada Social also documented an attack on the website of the international Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement in an attempt to block its content and prevent it from carrying out its work.

In an effort to show displeasure with Facebook censorship of Palestinian content, Sada Social launched last week a two-hour campaign to stop publishing on Facebook, in cooperation with the Palestinian Content Protection Initiative, in order to put pressure on Facebook administration after the expansion of its violations against the Palestinian content, targeting and decreasing the Palestinian pages to less than 50%.

Six satellite TV channels, 10 local radio stations, 20 news agencies and networks, and 18 Palestinian institutions and initiatives participated in the campaign in addition to dozens of Palestinian platforms via Facebook, Arab pages, influencers, and media experts.

Through its campaign, Social Media was able, after many attempts, to return 10 Palestinian accounts on Twitter, including four for Quds News Network, an account for al-Rai agency, and an account for the Capital News Network – Palestine.



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