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Jewish settlers attack Palestinian home in Hebron


HEBRON, July 16, 2018 (WAFA) – Jewish settlers from the illegal Ramat Yashai and Beit Hadasa settlements built in the heart of the Arab city of Hebron in the south of the West Bank threw rocks and attacked on Monday a Palestinian home causing damage and terrorizing its residents, according to WAFA correspondent.

He said Israeli soldiers in the heavily fortified neighborhood in the old town of Hebron, which remained under full Israeli military control, stood by and did nothing as the settlers attacked the residence of Hani al-Izzeh in Tel Rumeideh.

The settlers throw rocks and garbage at the Izzeh home, destroyed property and crops planed around the house.

They also used bad language and threats of more attacks against the family.

Palestinians who live in the old town of Hebron, where several hundred hardcore Jewish settlers have also taken residence by force after taking over homes and land of Palestinians, are restricted in their movement and continuously harassed by the army and the heavily armed settlers.


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