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Official: We informed Israel that we are going to reconsider all signed agreements


RAMALALH, Tuesday, December 18, 2018 (WAFA) - Hussein al-Sheikh, head of the Civil Affairs Commission, said on Monday that the Palestinian Authority has informed Israel that it is going to reconsider all the agreements signed between them.

"We have told the Israeli side a clear message and that was as long as the agreements are being slaughtered and murdered every day on the ground by the behavior of the settlers and the army, we are going to reconsider all the agreements signed between us and them," he said in an interview with Palestine TV.

“This issue is now being discussed at all levels," he said, explaining that this came during an emergency meeting with the Israeli side on Monday to discuss several issues.

Sheikh said President Mahmoud Abbas has initiated the meeting, which took place following intervention from influential regional parties, particularly Jordan and Egypt.

"We have delivered a very clear message that the current serious escalation is targeting all the occupied territories. This is not acceptable. We will not stand idle while the escalation has reached our cities, villages, refugee camps and our people,” he said. “The Israeli government cover up for the rampage of the settlers in the Palestinian territories and on the roads throughout the West Bank, as well as attacks against the people, house demolitions and incursions into cities, villages and refugee camps, all were on the table today.”

Sheikh added: "We have made it clear to the Israeli side that what is going on is a violation of all the agreements signed between the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Israel. Therefore, the Palestinians will not just stand by watching as these agreements are being violated and shredded every day by Israel. Rather there will be a Palestinian response if this aggression and Israeli measures continue against our people."

He said the Palestinian leadership is going to hold an urgent meeting within days to discuss the steps and measures that should be taken in this regard.

The Palestinian official in charge of the liaison office with Israel expressed hope that all efforts by Jordan and Egypt and the meeting between the Palestinians and Israel would lead to an immediate de-escalation in the situation.

He said that “it is absolutely inconceivable that things will remain as they are. The agreements have been shredded and in fact they do not even exist due to the daily Israeli actions and behavior on the ground."


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