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Israel orders construction of structures in West Bank to stop


HEBRON, Sunday, June 21, 2020 (WAFA) – Israeli occupation forces ordered today a halt on the construction of residential and agricultural structures in the occupied West Bank districts of Hebron and Salfit, according to local sources.

Rateb Jabour, coordinator of the popular committees against Israeli settlements in Hebron, told WAFA that an Israeli military force raided the village of Birayn, near the town of Yatta, and ordered to Palestinians to stop the construction of their two homes, under the pretext that they were being built without an Israeli permit.  

Meanwhile, Israeli troops ordered a Palestinian citizen in the village of Bruqin, near the town of Salfit in the West Bank, to stop the construction of an agricultural facility and a water well, also under the same pretext.

The villages where the constructions were ordered to stop are located in areas classified as Area C, the 60 percent of the occupied West Bank under full Israeli administrative and military control, where Israel rarely issues construction permits to Palestinians, forcing many people to build without permits.

Israel refuses to allow Palestinian development of any kind in Area C, which makes up over 60 percent of the total area of the occupied West Bank, and often demolishes what Palestinians build despite the Israeli ban.



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