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Supreme Court orders striking doctors to return to work


RAMALLAH, Wednesday, January 02, 2019 (WAFA) – The Supreme Court meeting in Ramallah on Wednesday ordered striking doctors to end their strike and return to work immediately.

The Court said the strike was illegal because health employees, with the exception of administrators, are not allowed to go on strike as specified in law by decree number 11 of 2017.

It said the decision by the Doctors Association in calling for a strike “has exceeded the s of its jurisdiction” and was “an abuse of power,” which is a violation of the law and therefore is void and must be stopped and canceled.

The Court ordered the doctors to end their strike and return to work “to preserve public interest, life and health of the citizens.”

This is the second time in few days the Supreme Court rules against a strike by the doctors. The first time was last week and the Doctors Association heeded the call and ended its strike. However, it appealed the case to the Constitutional Court, the highest judicial body, and once again called for a strike until the government meets its demands on a new law that affects the doctors.


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