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Former US President Carter says Trump’s plan undermines peace


WASHINGTON, Friday, January 31, 2020 (WAFA) – Former US President Jimmy Carter said yesterday that Donald Trump‘s Middle East peace plan, also dubbed the “deal of the century” would violate international law calling the United Nations to stop Israel from annexing Palestinian land.

“The new US plan undercuts prospects for a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians,” said Carter. "If implemented, the plan will doom the only viable solution to this long-running conflict, the two-state solution."

Carter said the plan violates a proposed two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict based on 1967 borders, which has been called for in numerous UN resolutions. Trump‘s proposal for a capital of a future state of Palestine, envisioned in the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem on the eastern side of the separation barrier, is in contrast with prior UN resolutions and US proposals.

Carter, 95, the longest-living president in US history, has frequently spoken out on foreign policy since losing re-election in 1980 and has won the Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian work.

He has repeatedly used the word "apartheid" to describe Israel’s potential future without a peace deal.




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