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Israeli settlers set up tent in Palestinian village in West Bank as a prelude for takeover


BETHLEHEM, Monday, July 06, 2020 (WAFA) – Israeli settlers set up a tent today on Palestinian land in the Bethlehem area village of Battir, in the south of the West Bank, in what the village mayor said was a prelude for taking over the land.

Taysir Qatoush, Battir mayor, said a group of settlers broke into an area east of the village and placed a tent on that land.

He said this is the second time the settlers set up tent on that land after they attempted the same thing on Friday before they were driven out by the village residents.

Qatoush said that the settlers have been targeting that area of the village for a while and they attempted  to open a road for the settlers in 2018 through it and place a tent on the land, explaining that this area is the only place the village can grow into.


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