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Israeli settlers briefly detain Bethlehem-area village municipality head

BETHLEHEM, Wednesday, February 8, 2023 (WAFA) - A number of fanatic Israeli settlers briedly detained Ibraheem Mousa, head of al-Khader village municipality, and Ziyad Salah, head of the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC), while they were checking agricultural lands, sources said.

Mousa told WAFA that while he and Salah were checking on agricultral lands near the illegal Israeli settlements of Avrat, they were both briefly detained by settlers for more than two hours.

He added that the extremist settlers seized their IDs and threatned them to not return to the lands again.

To be noted, owners of lands nearby the settlements, to the south of al-Khader village, face a lot of difficulties to access their lands unless they have a special permits from the Israeli authorities.


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