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Non-profit Palestinian companies received $50 million in 2022, says Ministry of Economy

Non-profit Palestinian companies received $50 million in 2022, says Ministry of Economy


RAMALLAH, Saturday, December 31, 2022 (WAFA) - The Ministry of National Economy said today that 42 non-profit companies have received financing amounting to approximately $50 million during the current year concentrating mainly in the sectors of social development, women, media, culture, prisoners, entrepreneurship, empowerment, health, and agricultural.

Some of the financed projects included providing counseling and psychological and social rehabilitation, improving the access of children in the Gaza Strip to education and psychological and social health in light of the Corona pandemic, in addition to the mobile clinic project in Jericho and the Jordan Valley region, a project implemented by the Islah Association in Jericho, and a project for building al-Nazaha Hospital.

The funding of some companies aimed at empowering Palestinian youth and women, through a sustainable project for the development and promotion of human rights, training small and micro-size companies, promoting concepts of development and scientific research, safety and protection equipment for Palestinian journalists, and monitoring and documenting violations of the rights of Palestinian child prisoners in Israeli military courts.

Funds were allocated with the aim of promoting culture, arts, and community participation, strengthening the role of the press and freedom of expression, and guidance in organic and environmental agriculture in Palestine, in addition to completing the activities of the project to improve services in the justice sector for battered women in the Gaza Strip, participation, ethnicity, and the integration of women and youth into public civil life.

The nearly 300 non-profit companies represent 8% of the non-profit organizations, and according to the main objectives of non-profit companies, they are concentrated more in the areas of social development, studies and research, development, and education.


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