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Abu Rudeineh: Prisoners in Israeli jails top priority for President Abbas


RAMALLAH, Sunday, January 30, 2022 (WAFA) – Presidential Spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh stressed today that the issue of prisoners is a top priority for President Mahmoud Abbas, who demands their release in all his meetings, whether with the Israelis, the Americans, or with any international parties.

During an interview with Voice of Palestine radio, Abu Rudeineh said that what is being circulated in the Israeli media about the president's secret request from the minister of the occupation army Benny Gantz to release the fourth batch of pre-Oslo prisoners is an ongoing demand by the president and the demand of releasing the prisoners continues “around the clock.”

He added that the leadership, headed by President Abbas, will continue the battle over the allowances of the prisoners and martyrs.

Abu Rudeineh noted that there are parties that are trying to tamper or offend the Palestinian cause, but the upcoming Central Council meeting will confirm its permanent message that there will be no security or stability without Jerusalem and the liberation of prisoners.

Abu Rudeineh described the recent statements of the Israeli prime minister  rejecting the establishment of the Palestinian state, as having no value and will only increase our determination for the establishment of the independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. 
He stressed the need for the Israeli government to know that the key to peace and security is in the hands of our people, and neither American protection nor normalization will benefit them.

With regard to the Palestinian-American relationship, Abu Rudeineh said that these contacts are continuing, and are proceeding very slowly, but they have not yet reached results on basic issues, foremost of which is the implementation of President Joe Biden's promises, whether with regard to Jerusalem, the consulate, or the settlement cessation.
Abu Rudeineh added that these contacts did not reach a dead end, expressing his regret over the ambiguity of the current US position, which does not serve the cause of peace and the two-state solution, stressing the need for everyone to know that the Palestinian cause cannot be bypassed.


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