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Israeli settlers set olive, fig trees on fire near Salfit

SALFIT, Friday, June 25, 2021 (WAFA) – Hardcore Israeli settlers set dozens of Palestinian-owned olive and fig trees on fire today near the town of Salfit in the occupied West Bank, according to local sources.

Meantime, Israeli occupation forces clamped down on Palestinian anti-colonization protesters who rallied in the same area in protest of Israel's planned confiscation of large tracts of Palestinian land for colonial settlement purposes. Cases of suffocation from gas inhalation were reported among the protesters.

Illegal Israeli settlers recently set up caravans and embarked on opening roads in the area in what seems to be a prelude to establish a new settlement outpost.

All kinds of Israeli settlement activities in the occupied West Bank are illegal under international law, which prohibits the relocation of the occupying country's population to the land of the occupied.

Settler violence against Palestinians is routine in the occupied West Bank, and is rarely prosecuted by the Israeli occupation authorities.


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