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Israel orders residents of Khan al-Ahmar to leave village before October


JERUSALEM, September 23, 2018 (WAFA) – Israeli occupation forces ordered the Bedouin residents of Khan al-Ahmar community, east of Jerusalem, to dismantle their homes -- mainly shacks -- and leave the community before the start of October.

An Israeli army force accompanied by staff from the so-called Israeli Civil Administration broke into the Bedouin community and handed notices to local residents ordering them to demolish their homes as per the ruling of the supreme Israeli court. Otherwise, the forces said, they will come to demolish the village.

Earlier this month, the supreme Israeli court rejected a petition by Khan al-Ahmar residents against the demolition order and the forcible eviction they are going to face as a result of the court ruling.

The community is resided by 200 Palestinian Bedouins, 95% of whom are refugees registered with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

The Israeli supreme court ruled in May that the village was built without proper permits and that it should be demolished.

The decision to demolish Khan al-Ahmar has generated strong international condemnation and calls on Israel not to demolish it.



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